The bibliophile’s night out book tag

Beth over at Booksnest just created this original book tag, and I was immediately inspired by the questions and decided to answer. Check out Beth’s post here.

Pre-drinks | A prequel/novella you’ve read

This is much harder than I thought- I don’t read many novellas or many prequels! The first one that comes to my mind is A Court of Frost and Starlight. ACOFAS is a fun short story that takes place between the original trilogy and the future books.

The taxi to town | A book about travel

A book that involves physical travel as well as time travel is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I read this a couple years ago, and it’s definitely no easy undertaking. At almost 900 pages, it’s one of the longest books I’ve ever read, which is why I’ve yet to undertake reading Dragonfly in Amber.

Trying to find a table | A book you didn’t like to start with, but then ended up loving

This might be surprising because Sarah J. Maas is an auto-buy author for me, but Crescent City didn’t grab my attention until about 200 pages in. The beginning is very slow and the world-building is confusing, but by the end I was so invested and had completely forgiven the beginning for being so slow.

First round of drinks | A first book in a series

Mirage by Somaiya Daud definitely needs more hype! It’s beautifully written and has such complex characters. The sequel, A Court of Lions, is coming out very soon.

The dance floor | A book that makes you want to jump up and down with excitment

I was SO excited when War by Laura Thalassa came out. War is an adult fantasy/romance novel, which isn’t a genre I usually read but I’ve fallen in love with Thalassa’s writing, female characters, and stories. The third book in the series comes out later this year and I will be jumping for joy when that comes out as well!

The toilets | A book you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole

Due to the current state of book-twitter and everyone’s true colors coming out, I now have a ton of answers to this question. J.K. Rowling is done for me. I won’t be rereading Harry Potter again, or purchasing any of her new works. I urge everyone to do research on the “facts” she posted in her statement, as there is a plethora of scholarly work disproving everything she said and explaining how harmful that perspective is. It has also come to light that many white male science-fiction/fantasy (SFF) authors are terrible people, like Mark Lawrence and Sam Sykes. These situations are still unfolding, but I have no desire to read their words or support them. Support better authors!

The first to bail | The last book you DNF’d

Dark Harmony by Laura Thalassa is the last book I DNF’d. Earlier this year I went through a hardcore Laura Thalassa reading binge, and read a ton of her books. I didn’t dislike Dark Harmony by any means- I just felt like the third book wasn’t really necessary, and I was happy to say goodbye to the characters after the second book. The first two books are fun and I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for some light reading.

The journey home | A book you can’t really remember the plot of anymore

I read The Raven Cycle series four years ago, and I’ve completely forgotten basically everything about it. I also don’t see myself rereading this in the future.

The morning after | A comfort read

I have so many comfort reads, but one of the newest is Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I know that this book with always pull me in and immerse me in the world. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout is another book that I love. The main character is one of my favorite leading ladies ever and her perspective is so fun.

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