Collector’s Edition: Caraval

Welcome to my new series: Collector’s Edition! Each Collector’s Edition is going to be a blog post dedicated to one book/series. If you’re like me and you love collecting books and bookish merchandise then this is for you! I’m basically just compiling a list of items inspired by your favorite books to help you build your bookish collection!

First up is one of my favorite books of all time: Caraval! Legendary was recently released and it was so amazing. I’ve been eyeing lots of Caraval and Legendary inspired items lately and I thought I would compile a list for all you Stephanie Garber lovers out there.


I try not to keep multiple copies of books unless that book is one of my absolute favorites. If Caraval and Legendary are some of your favorite books, then here are some editions that definitely belong in your collection. Also note that if you buy a book using my book depository affiliate link I receive a small commission!

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.55.36 PM
The UK paperback edition is in the center, and the UK hardback on the right.

The UK Paperback edition of Caraval: I ordered this edition from Waterstones, but you can also buy it from Book Depository. The UK paperback edition has a beautiful striped spine and a circus tent on the cover.

The UK Hardback editions of Caraval and Legendary: The first print run of these editions had the secret covers. Unfortunately, since they were only on the first run, it is hard to find them these days. I found my secret cover edition on eBay for $11. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find these at a reasonable price on eBay as lots of people are selling them for upwards of $50. I ordered my Legendary edition from Waterstones. Even though you can no longer buy the editions with the special covers, I would definitely recommend buying the regular versions because they are just as beautiful!


There is nothing I love more than bookish art! I am currently working on buying some of my favorite Caraval inspired pieces so I can have them all framed together. Here are some of the most beautiful Caraval inspired art prints I can find!

‘Amidst the Game’ by Micheline Ryckman of Whimsical Illustration

Whimsical Illustration: Micheline is such a talented artist. Her work is stunning! Currently she has three Caraval inspired pieces in her shop. She has portraits of Scarlett and Julian, and she also has a painting called ‘The Perfect Ending‘ which gives me all the feels! Micheline’s prints are $24 CAD, which is roughly $18 US dollars.

Morgana0Anagrom: Salome is one of my favorite artists. Her work is gorgeous and she perfectly captures my favorite characters. Recently she did an illustration of Legend for Shelflove Crate. Right now you can buy the print for $8 in Shelflove Crate’s online shop. Usually when an artist does a print for a subscription box, the box owns the rights for a couple months, meaning the artist cannot sell the print until the rights revert back to them. Eventually Shelflove Crate will run out of their extra stock of the prints, so if that happens you might be able to find the print in Salome’s redbubble shop.

Dark and Beautiful Art: Gina is another one of my favorite artists. She recently completed a Tarot Card collection that includes portraits of Jacks, Legend, Dante, Tella, Scarlett, and Julian. She also has an illustration of Scarlett and Julian, which is gorgeous, and a Legend inspired piece. All these illustrations are available in Gina’s redbubble store, where you can get them on tons of different items.

Meliescribbles: Melanie is another insanely talented artist who has a gorgeous illustration of Scarlett in her beautiful enchanted gown. You can buy it in two sizes from her INPRNT store.


There are so many different Caraval inspired candles to choose from, there’s bound to be one for everyone. They all have different scents and come in different sizes. Here are some that would look gorgeous on your bookshelf. I know candles can be kind of expensive, so if you are going to buy them from any bookish candle company I recommend checking their instagram page to see who their reps are and using a rep code. Then you’ll get 10-15% off your order.

ThatBookieCandles: Legend smells like whiskey and blackberry sage, and Donatella smells like chocolate covered strawberries. They also have a Caraval candle which smells like the fireside and caramel popcorn. Yum!

UntiltheveryendCo: They have an entire collection of Caraval and Legendary inspired candles. Check out Legend, Tella, Jacks, Scarlett, Julian, Dante, and Caraval.

The904Store: They have candles inspired by Dante, Legend, Julian, Caraval, and Isla de los Suenos.

TotallyWickedCandles: They have a candle called Legend’s True Name that sounds like is smells AMAZING! It smells like caramel custard and smokey woods.

Quacker Candle probably has the candle I most want. Crimson smells like lavender, mandarin, and chamomile.


TheSimplyBookishCo: Their ‘Only a Game‘ tea contains rooibos, mallow flowers, rose petals, wild mava, calendula petals, natural and artificial tropical fruit flavors. Each tin is 8-10 servings for $8.50.

Lip Balm

Oriandle is a Netherlands based shop that sells tea, lip balm, candles, and more. Their Caraval lip balm smells like burnt sugar, caramel, and vanilla.

Custom Funko Pops

As of right now I can only find two Caraval inspired custom funko pops. Custom funkos are expensive, so definitely make sure you love the pop before buying it. Legend is $42  and Scarlett is $30.


If you’re looking for some cute but subtle jewelry then you should definitely check out ElissaJDesigns shop. Her Legendary Spade charm necklace is $16.

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